Private Event Terms and Conditions

1. What do we paint?

Upon securing your booking, we’ll email you a link to our Gallery of original artwork for you to choose from or we can create a unique painting specifically for you.  The cost for us to create this unique painting varies depending on your needs.  Contact us to discuss.

2. At what times can we hold our event?

We’re open 7 days a week. We have allocated time-slots throughout each day for all private events.

Your 3-hr paint and sip event can be held between these time slots:

     Morning Events:         between 10am and 1pm

     Afternoon Events:      between 2pm and 5pm

     Evening Events:          between 7pm and 10pm

With 2-hr off-site paint and sip events, there is additional flexibility with your time slot. However, the events must fall within a morning, afternoon and evening time-slot, subject to availability.

3. Arrival and Departure Time

Your 3-hr event duration is the entire time you have available to you to hold your event. It includes your arrival time, guest mingling time and your painting time. The agreement entered into with US will clearly state your Arrival Time and your Departure Time and the Duration of your event.

4. Maximum Number of People and Groups of 10+ People

Subject to restrictions imposed by the relevant government, we can accommodate up to 54 people at our Darlinghurst (NSW) studio, up to 38 people at our Crows Nest (NSW) and South Melbourne (VIC) studios.  We can accommodate 50+ people at our partnering venues throughout Melbourne and Sydney. Our largest event so far has been for 120 people. However, during COVID, the attendee maximum number varies depending on the Government’s restriction at the relevant time.

As we are unable to seat a group of more than 10 people, together, we will split your guests in groups of no more than 10 people and have each group seated at a safe distance in accordance with Government restrictions.

Call us for more information.

5. Wheelchair Access

Yes, all our studios are wheelchair accessible. But please note that the bathroom at our Crows Nest location is not.

6. Offsite Events

It is your responsibility to provide tables and chairs at any offsite venue and to provide us with access to running water.

7. Earlier Arrival or Later Departure

If you would like to arrive earlier than your Arrival Time or leave later than your Departure Time, a charge of $120 per 30 minutes applies. All additional time requests will be considered subject to availability as there may be a private event or public session before or after your event.

8. Deposit

With the exception of June and December events, a $500 non-refundable deposit is required to secure the date and time for your event.

For EOFY (throughout June) and XMAS (19 November to 21 December) events, the Applicable Minimum Spend is the value of the non-refundable deposit required to secure the date and time of your event.

9. Final Payment

Final payment must be made by not less than 14 days prior to your event date.

10. Rescheduling Fee

If you wish to reschedule your event, a rescheduling fee applies. The Reschedule Fee that applies is determined by when you give us notice, as follows:

29 days or more:

15-28 days:

8-14 days

7 days or less:

25% of the deposit amount

50% of the deposit amount

50% of the Applicable Minimum Spend

75% of the Applicable Minimum Spend

If you choose to reschedule your event, all remaining monies previously paid by you will be applied to the cost of your rescheduled event.

11. Cancellation Fee

No refund, credit or coupon voucher will be provided to you if you cancel or choose to not proceed with rescheduling your event.

12. Cancellation by the Government due to Covid or Covid related reasons

WE will make every effort to deliver OUR services to you, as promised.

However, if WE are required by the Government to close OUR studio(s) (whether it be the Federal or relevant State government, municipality or other governing body), and WE are therefore unable to run your event, WE will issue you a coupon voucher for the full value of your order or reschedule you to another date and time of your choice of equivalent value (subject to availability).

Alternatively, if WE are required to reduce the capacity of OUR studio(s) rather than close, WE will issue a coupon voucher for the full value of your order or reschedule you to another session of your choice of equivalent value (subject to availability) for the number of guests that were to attend but for exceeding the reduced studio capacity.

13. Definitions

‘Event’, ‘Private Event’ and ‘Private Party’ are used interchangeably throughout this website. They each hold the same meaning.