Our Online Session FAQ’s

1. What’s it like experiencing a Cork and Canvas Online 'On-demand' sessions and 'Live streaming' sessions?

It’s a fun and creative experience right in the comfort of your own home!  Simply grab your favourite bottle of wine or other beverage and nibbles and enjoy a relaxed and fun time where our talented artists guide you step-by-step how to paint the session’s featured artwork. So, whether its a date night with your partner, a family bonding session or simply a chilled moment for you in your PJ’s, a glass of wine and some creativity – enjoy a fun and creative time at home with Cork and Canvas!

On-demand Sessions:

With our On-demand sessions, you gain access to our pre-recorded sessions where you can start, stop and playback your session as many times as you like, and at whatever time you like, during your access period. You can pace yourself to paint your masterpiece over two days days or paint multiple variations, you choose. Our professional artists guide you through how to paint your chosen feature painting step-by-step from start-to-end.

Live streaming Sessions:

With our Live streaming sessions, you are painting and sipping with us at a scheduled time with the guidance of our professional artists as if you were in one of our studios, except you’re in the comfort of your own home! You’ll have live interaction with our artists and our other Guests painting with you while you create your masterpiece. Our professional artists guide you through how to paint your chosen feature painting step-by-step from start-to-end.

Please note: We offer our services to paying customers. As a paying customer, you purchase to view your session(s) within your household and agree to not copy or share your screen outside your household. You will be in breach of our terms and conditions if you act otherwise and your access will be immediately cancelled with no refund, whatsoever.

2. How much does an online 'on-demand' session and online 'live' session cost?

Sessions held at our Melbourne and Sydney locations cost between $30pp for an online ‘live streaming’ session and $30pp for an online ‘on-demand’ session. Prices may differ for specialty events.

3. How long are the sessions and when do I get access?

Our ‘On-demand’ sessions are anywhere between 45 minutes to 70 minutes duration. However, all our content anticipates a 2 hour paint and sip experience for you to create your masterpiece! The great thing is you can activate your access when you’re ready. Upon activating your access, you have 2 days to create your masterpiece at your own pace, no rush.

Our ‘Live Streaming’ sessions are 2 hours in duration. You gain access 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the online ‘live streaming’ session.

4. What if I need to cancel or reschedule my booking?

Please click on this link to read about our policy.

5. Can I book a private online paint and sip party?

Yes!  Email us at events@corkandcanvas.com.au and let us tell you about how we can make this happen for you!

6. Can I purchase a Gift Voucher?

Yes!  Check out our eGift Voucher page for more information.

If we didn’t answer your questions, please email or call us.